More information about me.

Buyers and sellers, come with me on a real estate adventure! The core of this adventure is a
relationship of trust, respect and open communication. The adventure should go smoothly, but
I’ll be there to guide you if we hit some bumps along the way. While buying or selling a home
can be stressful at times, we’ll also have some enjoyable lighter moments.

Buying or selling a home is a major life event and my goal is to empower you throughout the
process. I’ll tell you what to expect at every step. With a degree in counseling, I know how to
listen to you—your wants and needs, your concerns, and your questions. You are the center of
this relationship and process, and you make the decisions.

I have been a realtor over 20 years and have bought and sold seven properties, and am also a
landlord. I have lived in single-family homes, a condo and currently live in a townhouse. I bring
an unusual experience to my work as I was president of my condo board when the building was
rebuilt after being destroyed by fire. This major life event reinforced for me the need to have
competent professionals along your side when making important life decisions. I am here to help
you build that team with my knowledge of area resources including mortgage lenders, attorneys,
home inspectors, and others.

Evanston has been my home for over 40 years and I know what the Northshore and Chicago
offer that contribute to your quality of life. I worked in adoption for many years and my children
are adopted. I’m a proud alumnus of The Pennsylvania State University and the University of
Illinois. My interests include traveling, reading, politics and spending time with my children and

I welcome the opportunity to be your Realtor..

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